image 2_5160Mainly, Nepal heading towards an all-out technological advancement widely attributing to the country’s improving political scenario following long run political depression provides utterly wide scope to business especially in favor of ICTs. Also, telecommunications is another line of business with great possibilities and mainly Nepalese government telecommunication happens to be a group already having stronghold of GASS. In the meantime, aviation policies taking progressive turn makes aviation solutions another strong business platform in Nepal.

In this backdrop, GASS sights best prospects and believes in beneficial partnership with world’s reputed ICT, telecommunications and avionics technologies and solutions providers.

GASS’s professional and technical background encompasses a team of experts and experienced professionals especially with expertise in key positions at prominent firms of Nepal making GASS’s Board Of Directors (BOD) an expert in itself. Our team of experts pin points the high on demand requirement in each nook and corners of our line of business. In addition to this, citing the fact that developing countries like Nepal are virgin land for technological advancement in numerous ways carrying huge potential for fresh projects to be launched, GASS is contentiously working on grabbing those hi-end products with its state-of-the-art team making it a veteran player in its’ business arena.