Professional strength

GASS being a subsidiary under widely recognized and strong business firm with its CEO and promoter Mr. Lokendra Karki’s decades of experience in global market makes it highly professional. Plus, some of the prominent experts in the field of ICT’s and aviation in Nepal as BODs and key members of GASS makes it further unfailing. In addition to that, we are proud of the progress rate GASS has achieved in the less than a decade since its inception. GASS also takes great honor to have received unwavering trust by most respectable government and private firms of Nepal. We also take great pleasure to be having conviction by our international associates and business partners in long run.

GASS’s Progress Rate

–         Progressions we have gained since 2005 till the date in terms of market expansion and financial growth

In-house Coordination/ Team work

–         With above 70 % of technical human resource, GASS has teams comprising experts with smooth in-house coordination

Market base

–         Recognition and association at the most prospective firms in Nepal in connection to our solutions and services 

Financial Strength

–         GASS’s strong financial status given its successful business achievements, financial back up from the firm under which it is a subsidiary and finance team of experts and advisers makes it financially sound.

GASS’ value has doubled every two years ever since its inception. Further, strong professional team-up and coordination with recognized national and international A graded banks has always assured smooth investment and execution of our projects. Also, GASS has left no stone unturned in dealing with obligations on duties to the Government of Nepal (GoN) leaving a clean image in that term.

Legal Strength

–         With strong in-house legal team of experts and advisers, GASS has always been away from legal hurdles of any nature and has faced all the legal obligations with thorough consideration consistently maintaining a fair image.

GASS fully abides by international anti-bribery norms and policies and maintains transparency. GASS fully takes into consideration the Prevention of Corruption Act of Nepalese constitution.